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A Developmental Exploration of Kindergarten Children's Segmentation and Representation of Consonant Blends
Krystal Werfel - Vanderbilt University
C. Melanie Schuele - Vanderbilt University

A Short Form for the Spanish MBCDI: Norms, socio-educational and gender differences
Donna Jackson-Maldonado - Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro
Virginia Marchman - Stanford University
Lia Fernald - University of California, Berkeley

Adult outcomes for children identified with developmental language difficulties at five years: literacy, mental health and employment
James Law - Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh UK
Robert Rush - Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh UK
Ingrid Schoon - Institute of Education, London UK
Sam Parsons - Institute of Education, London UK

An examination of African American English usage across language contexts and methods used to quantify usage
Lakeisha Cooper - Florida State University
Shurita Thomas-Tate - Florida State University

Analysis of “s” and “sh” in Children with Cochlear Implants
Ann Todd - University of WI-Madison
Jan Edwards - University of WI-Madison
Ruth Litovsky - University of WI-Madison
Fangfang Li - University of Lethbridge
Cynthia Zettler - University of WI-Madison
Mary Beckman - Ohio State University

Assessing Early Stages of Expressive Communication Across Populations
Nancy Brady - University of Kansas
kathy Thiemann - University of Kansas
Lesley Olswang - University of Washington
Patricia Dowden - University of Washington
Muriel Saunders - University of Kansas

Assessing Pragmatic Language Skills in High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Yale in vivo Pragmatic Protocol
Elizabeth Schoen - Yale University
Rhea Paul - Yale University
Ami Klin - Yale University
Fred Volkmar - Yale University

Building Complex Sentences: An Intervention Feasibility Study for School-Age Children with Oral and Written Language Impairment
Cheryl Scott - Rush University Medical Center
Catherine Balthazar - Governors State University

Characterizing the overlap between SLI and dyslexia in Chinese
Anita M.-Y. Wong - Univesity of Hong Kong
Joanna Kidd - Univesity of Hong Kong
Connie S-H. Ho - Univesity of Hong Kong
Terry K.-F. Au - Univesity of Hong Kong

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