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    Assessing Early Stages of Expressive Communication Across Populations  
Nancy Brady - University of Kansas
kathy Thiemann - University of Kansas
Lesley Olswang - University of Washington
Patricia Dowden - University of Washington
Muriel Saunders - University of Kansas

SRCLD Year: 2009
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- Augmentative/Alternative Communication
- Assessment
- Language Impairment, 0-5
There is a need for systematic and consistent means for reliably assessing early communication abilities in individuals with limited skills associated with developmental disabilities. Standardized tests that compare performance to typically developing individuals do not provide information that is helpful for describing or comparing participants across studies, planning interventions or monitoring progress. A Communication Complexity Scale, developed by the authors has been piloted with three populations: infants under 24 months with moderate to severe motor disabilities, young non-verbal individuals and adults with multiple impairments. The scale is designed to be used across various observational contexts, chronological ages and types of disabilities. Results from this pilot testing are presented