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    An examination of African American English usage across language contexts and methods used to quantify usage  
Lakeisha Cooper - Florida State University
Shurita Thomas-Tate - Florida State University

SRCLD Year: 2009
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- Dialectical Variation
The usage of African American English (AAE) was examined for 13 Southern African American fourth grade students across language contexts. The students provided language samples from three different contexts: writing, oral reading of Mainstream American English (MAE), and picture description. All samples were transcribed and AAE features were characterized using established taxonomies. Dialect density measures (DDMS) were calculated to quantify usage of AAE features in language samples and examined in relation to DELV-screener findings to categorize usage. Participants were found to use higher frequencies of AAE in the picture description context. The writing context was characterized by morphosyntactic features, while the reading and picture description contexts consisted of both phonological and morphosyntactic features. The results support writing as a foundation for dialect shifting and provides a greater understanding of the use DDMs and DELV-screener findings in clinical practice and research.
Funding Source: Principal Investigator – Shurita Thomas-Tate. Using book club for improving comprehension in 4th and 5th grade students. First-year Assistant Professor Award, Florida State University, Council on Research and Creativity. $14000.