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    Characterizing the overlap between SLI and dyslexia in Chinese  
Anita M.-Y. Wong - Univesity of Hong Kong
Joanna Kidd - Univesity of Hong Kong
Connie S-H. Ho - Univesity of Hong Kong
Terry K.-F. Au - Univesity of Hong Kong

SRCLD Year: 2009
Presentation Type: Poster Presentation
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- Language Impairment, School Age
- Literacy
Relatively little is known about the overlap between SLI and dyslexia (see Snowling & Bishop, 2004), especially in Chinese. This study examined the extent and nature of the overlap in Cantonese-Chinese children. In Phase 1, five of the 16 school-aged children with a kindergarten SLI diagnosis (31.3%) now had both SLI and dyslexia (SLI-D). Four showed persistent SLI but was dyslexia-free (SLI), and seven now had neither SLI nor dyslexia (History-SLI). In Phase 2, we examined language-related cognitive skills in seven children with SLI, 13 with SLI-D, 10 with History-SLI, and nine normal children. The History-SLI group showed sub-clinical oral language deficits and phonological memory problems. The SLI group demonstrated sub-clinical literacy deficits and phonological processing and morphological awareness problems. The SLI-D group showed the same profile of cognitive deficits as the SLI group and additional problems in phonological representation and orthographic skills, while the SLI group had major difficulties in listening comprehension. Results will be discussed in relation to the proposed hypotheses on the overlap.(Funding from University of Hong Kong Seed Grant)