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    A Developmental Exploration of Kindergarten Children's Segmentation and Representation of Consonant Blends  
Krystal Werfel - Vanderbilt University
C. Melanie Schuele - Vanderbilt University

SRCLD Year: 2009
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- Literacy
The relation between phonemic awareness and early literacy is well established. An understudied aspect of phonemic awareness is segmentation of consonant blends. The purpose of this study was to describe the development of kindergarten children's segmentation of consonant blends and to evaluate the extent to which linguistic and phonetic features influence blend segmentation. Fifty-seven kindergarten children completed a 26-word developmental spelling measure three times in kindergarten (six-week intervals). Responses were analyzed for logical representation of speech sounds to describe developmental change and differential accuracy across blend types. Kindergarten children showed emerging ability to segment and represent consonant blends and were differentially successful depending on linguistic and phonetic features of blends.
The ability to segment and represent consonant blends was positively correlated with word reading.
This study was supported by a Students Preparing for Academic and Research Careers (SPARC) Award (2007-08) awarded to the first author by ASHA and by a Preparation of Leadership Personnel grant (H325D080075; PI: Schuele), US Department of Education.