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    A Short Form for the Spanish MBCDI: Norms, socio-educational and gender differences  
Donna Jackson-Maldonado - Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro
Virginia Marchman - Stanford University
Lia Fernald - University of California, Berkeley

SRCLD Year: 2009
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- Assessment
Parental report instruments have been useful for early language assessment of children under the age of three. More instruments for screening Spanish-speaking children are necessary, particularly for children from lower socio-educational (SE) families. A Short Form of the Spanish MBCDI Words and Sentences form was created for assessing children living in poverty in Mexico. Simultaneously, norms were established for the instrument including a group of children from middle class families. Data from children, 15 to 30 months of age were collected: 716 were from middle SE levels and 1818 from low SE. Results present the developmental data by month and percentiles of the norming study. Further, gender differences were found across ages. No age by SE interaction effect was found, though there were differences at specific ages. It is suggested that SE differences may be a product of experience as they are not present in early development, but have been shown to appear at later ages in other studies.
Funding by the Mac-Arthur Bates Advisory Board and the Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública, México