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2012 Posters - All Sessions
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A screener for Spanish-speaking children with language impairment
Alejandra Auza - Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, Mexico
Gareth Morgan - The University of Texas, Austin

Age and gender effects in children with Speech Sound Disorder and typically developing Brazilian children
Márcia Mathias de Castro - University Guarulhos
Luciana Oliveira Pagan-Neves - University of São Paulo
Haydée Fiszbein Wertzner - University of São Paulo

Alternative Tense Morpheme Measures for Identifiation of Language Impairment During the Preschool Period
Allison Gladfelter - Purdue University
Laurence Leonard - Purdue University

An eye-movement study of real-time interpretation of simple sentences in children with SLI.
Arielle Borovsky - Stanford, Univ. of California, San Diego
Erin Burns - San Diego State University
Jeff Elman - Univ. of California, San Diego
Julia Evans - San Diego State University

Argument Effects in the Sentence Processing of Adults with Specific Language Impairment
Gerard Poll - The Pennsylvania State University
Carol Miller - The Pennsylvania State University
Janet van Hell - The Pennsylvania State University

Attentional Engagement Deficits in Children with Specific Language Impairment
Marco Dispaldro - University of Padova
Laurence B. Leonard - Purdue University
Nicola Corradi - University of Padova
Milena Ruffino - University of Padova
Tiziana Bronte - Centro Medico di Foniatria
Andrea Facoetti - University of Padova

Auditory Event-Related Potentials To Speech And Acoustic Stimulus In Premature Infants With Periventricular Leukomalacia
Gloria Nelida Avecilla-Ramirez - Instituto de Neurobiología, UNAM
Thalía Harmony - Instituto de Neurobiología, UNAM
Melissa Calderon - Instituto de Neurobiología, UNAM
Eneida Porras-Kattz - Instituto de Neurobiología, UNAM
Josefina Ricardo-Garcell - Instituto de Neurobiología, UNAM
Antonio Fernández-Bouzas - Instituto de Neurobiología, UNAM

Auditory temporal integration in children with language impairment
Janis Oram Cardy - University of Western Ontario
Michaela Hamel - University of Western Ontario
David Purcell - University of Western Ontario
Marc Joanisse - University of Western Ontario
Lisa Archibald - University of Western Ontario

Automacity in sentence production in children with SLI: Some preliminary evidence for the procedural deficit hypothesis
Lisa Goffman - Purdue University
Meredith Saletta - Purdue University
Daniel Miller - Purdue University

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