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2018 Posters - All Sessions
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PS2F16 - “I go to the library to get away from my apartment” – A qualitative analysis of the spatial studying strategies of young adult students with developmental language disorder
Bogi Perelmutter - University of Iowa
Karla K. McGregor - Boys Town National Research Hospital
Renita R. Schmidt - University of Iowa

PS1F31 - 16-month-olds know the English past tense rule
Megan Figueroa - University of Arizona
LouAnn Gerken - University of Arizona

PS1F03 - A Comparison of Narrative Content Analysis Methodologies in the Oral and Written Narratives of Fourth-Grade Children
Julie M. Spencer - Idaho State University-Meridian Health Science Center
Diane A. Ogiela - Idaho State University-Meridian Health Science Center

PS1F35 - A scoping review to examine practice-based clinical-research partnerships
Meghan Vollebregt - Western University
Dr. Lisa Archibald - Western University
Dr. Janis Cardy - Western University
Dr. Julie Theurer - Western University

PS3S42 - A Word-final Typology of Phonological Disorder
Philip Combiths - San Diego State University / University of California, San Diego
Jessica Barlow - San Diego State University

PS1F34 - Above-Average Nonverbal Intelligence as a Protective Factor for Language Acquisition in Children with Hearing Loss
Sydney Bassard - University of South Carolina
Courtney Squires - University of South Carolina
Krystal Werfel - University of South Carolina

PS3S07 - Acoustic and Gestural Highlighting in Maternal Speech Directed at Infants with Hearing Loss
Yael Stern - Northwestern University
Katie Meyer - Northwestern University
Megan Roberts - Northwestern University

PS1F40 - African American Children’s Performance on Standardized and Non-Standardized Language Measures
Amelia Carrera - California State University, Northridge
Ryan James - Georgia State University
Julie Ann Washington - Georgia State University

PS2F13 - An Exploratory Analysis of the Relationship Between Parent Verb Input and Verb Expressive Vocabulary in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Madison Crandall - Department of Special Education, Vanderbilt University
Jena McDaniel - Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, Vanderbilt University
Linda R. Watson - Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Paul Yoder - Department of Special Education, Vanderbilt University

PS1F15 - An eye gaze study of late talkers’ receptive verb vocabularies
Sabrina Horvath - Boston University
Sudha Arunachalam - Boston University

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