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2014 Posters - All Sessions
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A Case Study in Linguistic Interference: Overt Subject Realization by Spanish-English Bilinguals in Spanish
Cathernine Nussbaum - The Ohio State University
John Grinstead - The Ohio State University

Addressing the rights of Roma children for a language assessment in their native language of Romani.
Hristo Kyuchukov - Free University of Berlin
Jill de Villiers - Smith College

An Evaluation of Compensatory Linguistic Strategies in Boys with Fragile X Syndrome
Eileen Haebig - Communication Sciences & Disorders, UW-Madison
Audra Sterling - Communication Sciences & Disorders, UW-Madison
Erin Schwartz - Communication Sciences & Disorders, UW-Madison
Susen Schroeder - Waisman Center

An evaluation of the temporal relationship between speech and communicative manual gesture in children with specific language impairment
Teenu Sanjeevan - University of Toronto
Elina Mainela-Arnold - University of Toronto
Julia L. Evans - University of California San Diego, University of Texas – Dallas

An exploratory analysis of social (pragmatic) communication symptoms in young school age children
Andrea Ash - University of Utah
Sean Redmond - University of Utah

Attention orienting or consolidation? Optimizing the use of an auditory stimulation phase for treatment of morpheme errors
Christina Meyers - The University of Arizona
Elena Plante - The University of Arizona
Katrina Nicholas - The University of Arizona
Natalie Dailey - The University of Arizona
Jessica Aguilar - The University of Arizona
Trianna Ogilvie - The University of Arizona
Rebecca Vance - The University of Arizona

Auditory Temporal Integration in Children with Specific Language Impairment (SLI) Compared to Same Age Controls
Elaine Kwok - School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Western University
Lisa Archibald - School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Western University
Marc Joanisse - Department of Psychology, Western University
Janis Oram Cardy - School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Western University

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