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PS1F10 - • Vocabulary and dialect density are significant predictors of complex syntax production.
Bryan Murray - Georgia State University
Julie Washington - Georgia State University

PS3S44 - A language-based account for semantic encoding in verbal short-term memory
Theresa Pham - The University of Western Ontario
Lisa Archibald - The University of Western Ontario

PS1F09 - A practice-based approach to establishing consensus for categorizing and defining preschoolers’ speech and language impairments
BJ Cunningham - Western University
Elaine Kwok - Western University
Janis Oram Cardy - Western University

PS2F13 - A Practice-Based Research Approach to Investigating a Kindergarten Assessment Tool
Meghan Vollebregt - Western University
Lisa Archibald - Western University
Anila Punnoose - Durham District School Board
Nancy Sarlo - Durham District School Board
Sharon McConney Ellis - Durham District School Board
Kindergarten Committee - Durham District School Board

PS1F43 - A Profile of Consonant Acquisition for Preschool Children Who Speak Trinidadian English Creole
Keisha Lindsay - New York University
Silvia Martinez - Howard University
Jay Lucker - Howard University
Gloriajean Wallace - Howard University
Martine Elie - Howard University

PS2F22 - An Examination of Speech Disfluencies in Bidialectal Children
Monique Mills - University of Houston
Kia Johnson - University of Houston
Daniela Castron Alvarez - University of Houston
Marlene Puente - University of Houston

PS3S13 - Application of the Variability Principle to the Treatment of Developmental Speech Sound Disorder
Trianna Oglivie - University of Arizona
Elena Plante - University of Arizona

PS3S09 - Are Spanish-English bilingual parents able to reliably rate their child’s English language skills?
Kimberly Crespo - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Milijana Buac - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Margarita Kaunshanskaya - University of Wisconsin-Madison

PS3S36 - Artificial Grammar Learning (AGL) in Two Modalities: How do children diagnosed with Developmental Language Disorders perform?
Jasmine Urquhart Gillis - MGH Institute of Health Professions, Cognitive Neuroscience Group
Yael Arbel - MGH Institute of Health Professions, Cognitive Neuroscience Group

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