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A Cross-Cultural Analysisof Father to Child Interactions in Turkish with a Brief Comparison to Mothers’ Language
Ilknur Mavis - Anadolu University
Bülent Togram - Yunusermre Kampusu
Özlem Dogramaci - Anadolu University

A Longitudinal Study of Complex Syntax Production by a Child with Specific Language Impairment
Julianna Dykes - Case Western Reserve University
C. Melanie Schuele - Case Western Reserve University

A Sentence Interpretation Study in Spanish Speaking Children
Iliana Reyes - University of CA-Berkeley
A Tool for Analyzing Teachers’ Language Interactions with Children in First-Year Classrooms
Elizabeth Doell - University of Sydney
Vicki Reed - University of Sydney

AAC Devices in Europe
Inge Zink - K.U. Leuven-Belguim
Dirk Lembrechts - MODEM Comm. And Comp Ctr
Valerie Thirifays - K.U. Leuven-Belguim

Acquisition of Concrete and Relational Vocabulary by Children with Williams Syndrome
Melissa Thomas - University of Louisville
Mary Beth Z. Whittle - University of Louisville
Florence Chang - University of Louisville
Carolyn Mervis - University of Louisville

Adaptation of MacArthur CDI to Galician: Normative results and reliability analysis
Miguel Pérez Pereira - Universidad de Santiago
Maite Forján - University of Santiago de Compostela
Mariela Resches - Univ de Santiago de Compostela
Xose Ramón García-Soto - University of Burgos

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