SRCLD 2022 SRCLD Presentation Details
    Research progress, missed opportunities and new models  
Jon F. Miller - University of Wisconsin-Madison

SRCLD Year: 2009
Presentation Type: Invited Speaker
Presentation Time: (na)
The SRCLD has hosted the presentation of hundreds of papers over its 30 year history. Presenters have included world class experts to novice undergraduates. The range of topics has continued to expand including research on topics related to language learning in the broadest possible sense. Populations represented have expanded, e.g., children learning many languages, children on the autism spectrum, and children with specific genetic, metabolic, disease processes, substance abuse, and brain injury. Yet some areas of research have been under represented or non-existent. This presentation will review areas of research that, in my view, have been undervalued and why more research might be productive. The final section of the talk will discuss how current economic conditions favor shifting to a practice-based model of research, collaborating with clinicians to address questions of mutual interest with minimal resources.
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